A history of key events:

Date (B.E.R. & A.E.R) Events
60,000 BCE The Apotheosis: Mortals ascend to godhood
30,000 BCE 1st Ancient Civilization formed by Dragons
15,000 BCE Unified Elven Kingdom forms
10,000 BCE Dwarven Kingdoms consolidate into Empire
4,000 BCE Early founding of The Valcorian Empire
3,000 – 200 BCE

Expansion of Valcorian Empire to incorporate Dwarven and Elven lands. Trade established with Dragogn Kingdom

100 – 0 BCE Events leading up to and including the Orc Wars begin.
0 – 150 CE

Elemental Rifts opens, leading to The Rift War.  

A state of constant war between the races of this world and the invaders through the rift leads to a stalling of civilization advancements, until the combination of magic and manpower allows the unified world powers to push back elemental forces and preserve their world, although it is forever changed.

Tieflings come into existence through pacts meant to preserve the human empire in the war, by a council of warlocks infamously known as The Fallen.

Peace accord is signed amongst the races on the largest continent to protect against further incursions, including Orcs for the first time in history.

The Valcorian Empire was hit the hardest during the war, and fractured into component parts, and many human city-states.

200 – 700 CE

The separate nations rebuild, with some growing in power and strength.

Trade between Euraidyian Empire and Mirascilar Empire becomes strong, arguably the most powerful nations out of The Rift Wars.

Euraidyian Empire and Kingdom of Naofial maintain strong ties and trade.

Republic of Diamhjart and Mirascilar Empire have strong economic ties and trade agreements.

Humans are generally treated well and seen in positive light, but their many city states spread across the known world makes it difficult to organize as 1 nation in the aftermath of the Valcorian Empire's fall. 

700 – 1,200 CE Many advances in magic and technology lead to rapid leaps in development across many civilizations which prompt increased trade and prosperity, but rising tension amongst some of the less powerful nations.
~ 1,200 CE Founding of Abhain Calmir, as an attempt to mediate international relations.
1,200 – 1,500 CE A number of human city states begin to form alliances that start to look like the formation of a new nation, but logistics and intervening empires may have different ideas.
1,542 CE The current year and start of the Campaign.



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