The Rift

No one knows for certain how the event occurred, but it was certainly the defining moment in the history of the world that forever changed it. Small wars such as the Orc Wars were minor compared to the significance of what occurred in 0 CE. 

At four locations throughout the world, portals opened leading to specific elemental realms. The Fire Realm was linked to the middle of the continent of Cythra, just to the south or the Southern Valcorian Empire. The Earth Realm erupted in the middle of Farsaidh, essentially splitting the Northern Valcorian Empire. A portal to The Air Realm ripped open amongst the Kam Lung Islands off the Eastern coast of Luong-Xi. And far away on the Ruzhai continent in the [[Sessniak Sea]] a portal to The Water Realm whirled into existence. 

The opening of the portals brought about significant change, not just in the physical nature of the world, but in the people of the world as well. Known commonly as The Change, Genasi were spontaneously transformed from humans and elven populations around the globe. This led to The Purge in many rural communities, and internment in many cities of the Valcorian Empire especially. 

The Rift directly led to the Rift Wars, in which nations around the world we're combatting creatures and beings coming out of the portals to preserve their own existence. No one knew the reason for this invasion, they only knew there was little room for negotiation as the 

The Rift

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